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  • Tim Morton 2 years

    Why are we not at every mass in the Prayers of the Faithful, praying for persecuted Christians around the world. Why are we not praying for our bothers and sisters in Christ from our safe and free Australian Churches. I do not understand this and have raised it many times with my Parish Priest.

    Are we not one body in Christ? Well then why not be praying for those persecuted in the name of Christ!

  • Babs 2 years

    The leader of the Communist party in China must suffer from megalomania. Making his people live in fear usually leads to disaster in the end. He obviously fears Christianity and so his only answer is domination and cruelty.How sad!
    Yes, we all should every day pray for Christians all over the world that are made to feel fear because of despots. God be with them all, no one can stop them praying in their minds.

  • Anne Prendergast 2 years

    I hate Communism.