Use your heart and your head

Paul appealed to the intellectuals of Athens by speaking about what they already knew and understood. But when he got to the punchline about Jesus’ dying and rising, they laughed him out of town. Only a few people opened their heart to the message. After this Paul deliberately avoided philosophy and words of wisdom and spoke only of Jesus crucified. (1Cor 2:1-5).

The message of Jesus speaks most powerfully to our hearts, much more than our heads. Not because it is not logical, but because it is more than our minds can grapple with. Jesus in the gospel today is referring to Trinitarian realities that make for complex and confusing reading, yet it speaks to our hearts of Jesus wanting us to know all that he knows, the complete truth. Love wants to share all with the beloved. God, who is perfect love, wants to share all and everything with us. Do we dare open our hearts to such love?

Lord make our hearts open to your love, so that we may understand your truth

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