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  • Anne Thompson 3 years

    We need all groups back at Mass, great to see the men are starting it. We need great homilies relaypting to Jesus’s message. Community belonging to our Churches encouraging a great community spirit. 

  • Colliss Parrett 3 years

    As a completely and utterly objective non-gender remark, men should keep in mind that God chose his human form to be a man, which should be more than a starting point back to the faith, and an ever deepening love for what He did whilst here, courtesy of his mother’s virgin birth.

  • Ann Clementine 3 years

    Go for it and may the Spirit be with you and before you and around you and bursting from within you…and sparking fire in the hearts of all who log in! Thanks for God’s vision in you!
    Ann C

  • Meredith Coe 3 years

    The world, with its’ over emphasis on women’s liberation, through sport and the media, may have made men feel left out, unimportant and useless in the scheme of things. I have watched the media over the years chip away at the self-worth of men by putting women on a pedestal and even saying that women are better, smarter etc etc. What would women do without men? What would the Church do without men? It was only men whom Jesus chose for His 12 apostles. These are the only gender who can inherit the apostolic succession, which is what priests inherit when they are ordained. In Christ’s plan of the Church, men are a huge part of it. If there is an under balance of these men in the Church, then I think we need to pray about this. Also, Saint Paul made it clear of the role of men and of women. It is not what we as humans invent, it was how we were created. How encouraging it is to see lay men in the Church who are spiritually minded, caring and humble. They are faithful husbands and single men who can be relied on as good examples to others, which can have a flow on effect to others, both male and female. I think this is a brilliant idea.