Visit from a princess

Her Royal Highness with Leah Taylor, St Thomas Aquinas Primary School Principal and Ross Fox, Director of Catholic Education

It’s not every day a primary school in Charnwood receives a visit from royalty, but in late November, Year 3 students from St Thomas Aquinas were honoured with a visit by a princess. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Angelika Lātūfuipeka Tukuʻaho of the Kingdom of Tonga accepted principal Leah Taylor’s invitation to visit her Year 3 students. Over the past few weeks, the school has hosted ambassadors, high commissioners, and embassy staff as part of the HASS Unit ‘Celebrations Around the World.’ 

Although royalty, Her Royal Highness is also the High Commissioner of Tonga to Australia. She has held the role since 2012, succeeding her father, who is now King of Tonga.

Year 3 student Lu’isa performs a traditional Tongan dance

Under the guidance of their teacher Sarieda Snow, students were given the opportunity to quiz the Princess on her role and life in Tonga. 

Year 3 student Lu’isa performed a traditional Tongan dance saying she was both excited and nervous to perform in front of the Princess.

“It was very special and something I will always remember,” she said.

Lu’isa’s mother and grandmother, who immigrated to Australia from Tonga, were there to see the performance.

Her Royal Highness presented the school with two copies of a children’s book, ‘A Little Seahorse in Love,’ written in English and Tongan, which will be a popular addition to the school library.

Over the past weeks, St Thomas Aquinas students have had presentations from the Ambassador of the Philippines and embassy staff from the Finnish, Swedish and Spanish embassies.

Year 3 class

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  • Colleen 2 years

    Thank goodness something nice happened in St Thomas Aquinas Parish in Charnwood.  The very best faith community………a parish deeply in tune to real discipleship……..and a parish where ‘see how they love one another’ is evident!  The ‘blow for St Thomas Aquinas Church Community’ will surely once again show the resilience, the faith and the forgiveness of a people steeped in the love and in the heart of Jesus, our Lord and friend.
    Colleen, rsj. 

  • Frieda Kamilo 2 years

    Great work Sarieda, so proud of you making a difference in diversity in the world particularly in primary years of our future children.