Week Nine: Archbishop’s Pastoral Parish visits

Frs Joshy and Alex join Archbishop during his Pastoral visit to Goulburn Parish Mission


By Fr Alex Osbourne

Challenges faced together as Mary Queen of Apostles, Goulburn Mission, during the COVID-19 lockdown were by no means exclusive to our parish.

General frustration and the unrelenting uncertainty of restrictions, of constant changes to events, the inability to plan, and most importantly fear of the disease itself, have been experienced by al.

However, what was particularly disheartening was the traffic into the area of shoppers from Sydney, the lack of trust we felt as toilet paper and other essentials flew from the shelves, and perhaps most grievously losing Easter, our choirs, receiving communion on the tongue, and our seats at Mass.

Added to all these frustrations was loneliness and isolation, particularly felt by the sick and infirm. However, it gives me great pride and trust that, despite this terrible pandemic, our parishioners have courageously carried on.

Some delivered bulletins, often as many as 40 at a time, which was often the only communication some people would receive. Others called, or emailed, to check on friends and be of assistance. Our nurses and doctors put everything they had into their generous care of patients.

We share the hope that the experience of this pandemic will help us all work towards becoming a closer parish community and more appreciative of the great gift of our lives.

Mr Tony Stuart Chaplain at the Goulburn Prison

Josephite Sisters (from left) Judith, Bridget and Rosemary


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