What do you have?

The readings today show Jesus alive and acting in the community of believers. Peter and John say, “I will give you what I have,” and give the lame man miraculous healing. Of course, it is not their capacity to heal but Jesus working through them. In the Gospel the disciples walk with Jesus telling him their confusion and doubts and their hearts are on fire as he explains the scriptures to them. When they finally recognise him, they turn around to run back to Jerusalem as very different people. What is it that Jesus wants to do in our hearts and lives today? In prayer we can tell him whatever we are burdened by and let him meet us in a way that may set our hearts on fire. Then when we go out to others, we can allow Jesus to work through us bringing healing in gentle and even dramatic ways.

Risen Lord, help us to meet you in our hearts so that we can share your love with others.

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