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  • Massimo 4 years

    G`day Shane,
    I say this to all my Brothers and Sisters in God,that are discouraged, it was always going to be a battle for true Catholics,
    this is why we are called Church Militant, if Satan is going to destroy the Church, he was going to this from the inside, but if you are a true Catholic none of what is happening will phase you,if you truly believe in God, you will put your complete faith in Him and know He is not going to abandon you, so be strong in faith and keep your payers up, for the end game will be the Lords.

    May the Good Lord Bless and protect all of you, my Brothers and Sisters in God

  • Roy Fanthome 4 years

    How long will we hide our nakedness before God and the world? Time for lame “She made me/he made me” statements has now passed. We are fully exposed by the fruit of knowledge. Come. Let pray and discuss this a little more. Eventually we must make a statement that will define our faith in the future. As well said by Shane Dwyer, “When the going gets tough …”

  • Margaret Kilby 4 years

    This article by Shane Dwyer was very helpful for me… thank you.  I trust in the Church that Jesus Christ built and pray for all of us sinners and saints that look to it for hope, compassion and mercy.

  • Barbara Samuel-Pope 4 years

    We are indeed in tough times in the Church. So much loss of trust and shame for those abused innocent children. But they not Jesus who taught love and compassion and made sure children were heard. Some in Holy Orders forgot the love of Jesus, thougjt they had power over people instead of following the ways of the greatest teacher of humanity. It is to him we should follow now. Don’t give up on him now because the sinful few.There so many Priests who have followed his teachings and I am sad to think they are tainted by the few.I hope people will to Jesus and embrace his simple words. ” love thy neighbour”