Have you ever met a person whose default response to anything was “No”? They might get around to saying yes to something if you work on them long enough, but they respond in the negative the first time you ask. 

In thinking about this, I wonder if there is some protective mechanism here (psychologically speaking). People who respond like this are perhaps fearful of new ideas or have been generous in the past and been hurt. 

In today’s reading from 2 Corinthians 1, we read that “The Son of God, the Christ Jesus that we proclaimed among you ….was never Yes and No: with him, it was always Yes, and however many the promises God made, the Yes to them all is in him.” 

It doesn’t mean that we can get God to do whatever we want. Instead, it means that there is no self-protection in God, no limits to God’s generosity. God wants our good! What good things do you need from God today?

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