You are seen

There is a pivotal moment in this gospel reading that cuts the story in half. 

In the first half, the story is about grief and longing, loss. The second is about a woman who has been given a mission and who goes forward to complete it with confidence and hope.
In the middle is this moment: “Jesus said ‘Mary!’”
When I was teaching there was always something different in the attitude of students once I could call them by name. They felt that I could somehow “see” them, and knew them. They felt known and, I hope, respected because I could call them by name.
Imagine Jesus calling you by name! What would it be to have all of your grief and loss “seen” by the resurrected Jesus? Surely it would be a turning point, to be singled out and to be named by him!
You already have been! Your baptism was that ‘Mary” moment, the turning point at which all that you are was seen and known and LOVED by almighty God. As we come out of the tomb with Jesus this Easter season, let us reflect on the wonder of our baptism, when we were chosen, named and sent on our mission.


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