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Some weeks ago now we subscribed to the daily Living Word service. We are finding it an inspiring service and find ourselves looking forward to our daily hit. We don’t know who is preparing it but we want say how much we appreciate it. It is an excellent way to start our day.
John and Trish Hagan
I don’t know who writes the reflections but they are certainly well-written and helpful. Thank you.
To the author of the daily reflections, a very sincere and grateful thank you. I read them daily. You are a blessing.
I would like to commend whoever is responsible for Living Word and to say a very special thank you.
It is very, very helpful and I recommend it to others seeking some spiritual help. God bless.
Sr colleen
Have a lovely day and may God bless you and your family and if you ever doubt yourself as a person in your own everyday life (whether you are a group of people or one), then please know that your messages are getting out there to us and our hearts are singing. Thank you.
Love it!!
Wonderful thoughts for everyone of us here!!