Local Stories

Goulburn’s Sts Peter and Paul’s restoration battles pigeons

- 15 July 2022 0

Restoration workers on Sts Peter and Paul's Cathedral had an unenviable task before they embarked on a tricky section of the project. Suited up like ... Read More

Quick Guide to Voting

Catholic Voice- 6 July 2022 0

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk8GJJ6i-vM   Follow the second assembly at: https://plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au/ Read More

Deeper discernment invited during Plenary Council

- 6 July 2022 0

Members of the Plenary Council are being invited to spend additional time to discern after two motions did not achieve a qualified majority in voting ... Read More

Re-visioning leadership roles at St Patrick’s, Bega

- 5 July 2022 0

Many of the leaders reflected and said they like school parliament because students “have a voice about changes and decisions made at school”. Photographed above ... Read More

Conversations on Faith welcomes Dr Robert Tilley

- 5 July 2022 0

Dr Robert Tilley To love someone is to want to know more about them. Who they really are, how they think, and what they want you to know.  The ... Read More

Archbishop’s annual ecumenical gathering – ‘one of the highlights of the year’

- 1 July 2022 0

https://youtu.be/9hzVAJ9jzog A shared commitment to Christian unity was again highlighted during Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s hosting of his annual ecumenical luncheon. Thirteen local Christian leaders participated ... Read More

Planting seeds at Canberra’s Garema Place

- 20 June 2022 2

Cecilija Matic (left) and Catherine Cunningham at the Legion of Mary table in Garema Place The wind was biting and the shadows were long but ... Read More