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Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s Easter Message

Catholic Voice- 8 April 2020 1

EASTER MESSAGE 2020 CORONA (CROWN) OF THORNS Just a few months ago, none of us had heard of CORONAVIRUS. Now it is our uninvited Easter ... Read More

Palm Sunday at Harden

- 6 April 2020 0

St Anthony's Church may be shut but parishioners show that Easter is alive for all to see. Palms blessed by parish priest Fr Lolesio Gisa ... Read More

Energetic young Catholics meet for leadership program

- 3 April 2020 0

MORE than 160 young Catholics from India, the Philippines, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia gathered in Canberra recently for a leadership program to help ... Read More

Home prayer kits at the coast

Catholic Voice- 2 April 2020 1

HOME prayer kits which include a small jar of holy water and blessed candle have proved a hit at St Bernard’s parish in Batemans Bay. ... Read More

How our parishes are responding.

Catholic Voice- 1 April 2020 2

“The online daily Mass from the Archdiocese has been a saving grace for us.  It’s a great comfort to so many people.  I’ve had parishioners ... Read More

Faith and a double whisky for Jack’s 100th birthday

- 31 March 2020 4

Jack Grant with Archbishop Christopher “Something fantastic” – that’s how Jack Grant described his Catholic faith as he celebrated his 100th birthday today. Archbishop Christopher ... Read More