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- 21 March 2023 0

The Gospel of John can be divided into the Book of Signs (John 1-12) and the Book of Glory (John 13-21). The first sign is ... Read More

Government Consults on Euthanasia Proposals

- 19 March 2023 0

The ACT Government has opened a consultation period regarding proposals to enact euthanasia laws. The term that is preferred is voluntary assisted dying or VAD. ... Read More

Cathedral Parish Golden Jubilee Mass: Homily

- 19 March 2023 0

50th Anniversary Jubilee of St Christopher's Cathedral Friday 17 March 2023 Solemnity of St Patrick Homily: Fr Trenton van Reesch, Cathedral Administrator Two weeks ago ... Read More


- 18 March 2023 0

The Gospel of John has seven signs. John prefers to call them signs since all events are exterior and interior by nature. This accounts for the different reactions and responses people can, ... Read More

Trysting Place

- 11 March 2023 1

John will be the dominant evangelist for Lent from hereon in. Today the Woman at the Well, then the Healing of the Blind Man, followed by the Raising of Lazarus. The Holy ... Read More

Bishops outline dangers in proposed discrimination reforms

- 9 March 2023 0

Senior bishops have warned law changes proposed by the Australian Law Reform Commission would prevent Church schools from being authentically Catholic, arguing they would discount ... Read More

Ready to take up the mission of evangelisation

Catholic Voice- 9 March 2023 0

Maddie Greenwood (right) with Zoa Salazar and Olivia Brown The 2023 annual Youth Ministry Equipping School in Canberra, a three-day intensive faith formation experience, attracted ... Read More