Author: Catholic Voice

Egotistic Behaviour

- 27 May 2023 0

Leaving God out of our plans won’t work. Look what happened to the people who built the Tower of Babel. They said to themselves, without ... Read More

Calvary Hospital’s hostile takeover, a first in Australian history

Catholic Voice- 21 May 2023 14

The Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn has called for new discussions to "resolve difficulties respectfully" as the ACT government's announcement to compulsorily acquire Calvary ... Read More


- 21 May 2023 2

Luke is writing to Theophilus (Acts 1). That is, he is writing to you – naming you as ‘Lover of God.’ How beautiful is that. The love ... Read More

Calvary Hospital Compulsory Acquisition; ‘a monstrous attack on democracy’

- 18 May 2023 20

The planned compulsory acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital by the ACT Government is a monstrous attack on democracy, Fr Tony Percy said today as he ... Read More

Save Calvary Hospital Update

- 16 May 2023 26 Video Transcript Hi Father Tony here with an update on the ACT, compulsory acquisition of Calvary. The question is, 'Why?' People are asking why ... Read More

Archbishop Prowse: Calvary Hospital

- 14 May 2023 12

Archbishop Christopher Prowse Dear Friends in Christ, By now, you would have heard the shocking news that the ACT Government intends to compulsorily acquire our ... Read More