Author: Catholic Voice

Tender moment between father and terminally ill daughter

- 27 June 2022 1

Deborah James | bowelbabe | Instagram Dame Deborah James, also known as Bowelbabe, is inspiring others as she receives palliative care at home. Since being ... Read More

Celebration of Joy: Eden Langlands ordained to the priesthood

- 27 June 2022 1

After the Promise of Obedience, Rev Eden lies prostrate on the floor while the bishop, priests, and parishioners recite the Litany of Saints, calling out ... Read More

US states start banning abortion following historic Supreme Court ruling

- 27 June 2022 0

Clinics have begun closing in some US states after a Supreme Court ruling last Friday that removed American women’s constitutional right to abortion. About half ... Read More

Water Faucet

- 26 June 2022 1

We are living at a time of enormous material wealth, probably unprecedented in human history. As a consequence we probably take a lot for granted. ... Read More

How to Succeed at Mass with Kids

- 20 June 2022 2

Mass with kids. The idea might make you cringe with anxiety at the thought of the annoyed looks, judgy comments or the number of times ... Read More

New St Christopher’s statue – a blessing for generations to come

Catholic Voice- 20 June 2022 0   Described as a ‘historical moment,’ the imposing larger-than-life bronze statue of St Christopher was blessed last Sunday by Archbishop Christopher Prowse. The event’s ... Read More

Planting seeds at Canberra’s Garema Place

- 20 June 2022 2

Cecilija Matic (left) and Catherine Cunningham at the Legion of Mary table in Garema Place The wind was biting and the shadows were long but ... Read More