Living Word


- 21 March 2023 0

The Gospel of John can be divided into the Book of Signs (John 1-12) and the Book of Glory (John 13-21). The first sign is ... Read More


- 18 March 2023 0

The Gospel of John has seven signs. John prefers to call them signs since all events are exterior and interior by nature. This accounts for the different reactions and responses people can, ... Read More

Trysting Place

- 11 March 2023 1

John will be the dominant evangelist for Lent from hereon in. Today the Woman at the Well, then the Healing of the Blind Man, followed by the Raising of Lazarus. The Holy ... Read More

False Self

- 5 March 2023 0

Evidently, the first two weeks of Lent encourage us to reflect upon the mystery of Jesus. The testing of Jesus (Matthew 4) manifests his humanity. Our good ... Read More

Boutique Spirituality

- 25 February 2023 0

St. Antony Abbot (251-356) lived a long and fruitful life. He was a Christian monk from Egypt who counselled people in need and courageously visited ... Read More

Hatch, Match, Dispatch

- 19 February 2023 0

The Book of Leviticus is not easy to understand. At the heart of the book is the Holiness Code (17-26) with multiple regulations about all ... Read More


- 12 February 2023 0

A door is next to useless without a hinge. Life is next to useless without virtue. The ancient Greek philosophers bequeathed to us the cardinal ... Read More