Living Word

Twists and Turns

- 11 July 2019 0

St. Benedict (480-547) is one of those “foundational saints.” At a time of moral, civil and cultural collapse, he discerned a rule of religious life ... Read More

He Gave Them Authority

- 10 July 2019 0

I wonder what the Apostles felt when Jesus summoned them and gave them their mission. He passes to them his authority to bring healing and ... Read More

The Power of Blessing

Catholic Voice- 9 July 2019 0

On Saturday we heard of Jacob’s deceit in stealing from his father Isaac the blessing due to his brother Esau. Once given, the blessing upon ... Read More

North South

Catholic Voice- 16 May 2019 0

The opening prayer for today is important. It begins: Read More

One Year of Audio Divina podcast

Catholic Voice- 7 March 2019 0

Ash Wednesday was special for one extra reason this year; it marked one full year of weekly production of the Audio Divina Podcast. Read More

Go Low to Go High

- 6 November 2018 0

If you have a sharp eye you will find, hiding in the writings of the New Testament, what scholars are confident are in fact early ... Read More

How healthy is your relationship with Jesus?

- 31 October 2018 0

Have you ever felt like you’re always the one making all of the effort in a relationship – it’s always you who rings to set ... Read More