Living Word

In Love

Catholic Voice- 6 May 2021 0

John 14: Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give. John 15: I have told you ... Read More

“I AM”

- 5 May 2021 1

  God appears to Moses and reveals his name as ‘I AM’ (Exodus 3). Jesus walks on water and to the frightened disciples, huddled together ... Read More

Do I need to prune my roses?

Catholic Voice- 5 May 2021 0

Vines or roses that have been pruned look like dead sticks, yet we know they benefit from this cutting and removing of branches. When Jesus ... Read More


Catholic Voice- 4 May 2021 0

In today's Gospel passage, Jesus commands us not to let our hearts be troubled or afraid. He also promises us the gift of his peace - a ... Read More


Catholic Voice- 29 April 2021 0

Name: Catherine of Siena Born: 1347 Died: 1380 Achievements: Deep Inner Spiritual Life, spilling over into an active life, urging the pope to reform the ... Read More

Darkness overcome

Catholic Voice- 28 April 2021 0

I have come into the world as light to prevent anyone who believes in me from staying in the dark. Have you ever been out ... Read More


Catholic Voice- 27 April 2021 0

The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. We have heard a lot over the last ... Read More