Living Word

Unacceptable security and necessary risk

Catholic Voice- 18 November 2020 0

Risk seems to be required in the Kingdom of heaven. In today’s Gospel Jesus seems to be implying that a safe, self-protective response to life ... Read More

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Catholic Voice- 17 November 2020 0

Today the Church celebrates Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Elizabeth was born to nobility in 1207. She was betrothed at age four, married at 14, widowed ... Read More

Vision Splendid

Catholic Voice- 16 November 2020 0

We begin the Book of Apocalypse, a name meaning revelation. Read this book in light of the vision of the Risen Christ in chapter one. ... Read More

So many deceivers

Catholic Voice- 13 November 2020 0

We may well be tempted to believe that there has seldom been a time in world history when there has been so many public deceivers. ... Read More

Look here! Look there!

Catholic Voice- 12 November 2020 0

St. Thomas Aquinas – and many others besides – thought correctly that all knowledge enters via the senses. Furthermore, they understood that the senses are ... Read More

Lest we forget

Catholic Voice- 11 November 2020 0

Today we remember the millions of people killed during World War 1 and those that have since followed. It is timely to reflect on their ... Read More

Reality check

Catholic Voice- 10 November 2020 0

Scripture gives us so many ways to understand our relationship with God. We find in the sacred texts images that inspire us to deeper understanding. ... Read More