Living Word


Catholic Voice- 9 October 2021 0

Today, we find that being open to the presence of God in our lives, in this case the spirit of Wisdom and the Word, means ... Read More

Healing Resonance

Catholic Voice- 4 September 2021 1

The readings today are all about faith—not just believing in some doctrine, but accepting the loving presence of God within and around you. Isaiah’s message ... Read More

“When Daylight Came, He Left”

Catholic Voice- 1 September 2021 0

In today's Gospel, Jesus breaks the power of sickness and sin and shows Israel that he truly is the Son of God. You can imagine ... Read More

Stay Awake

Catholic Voice- 31 August 2021 0

In today’s reading from the letter to the Thessalonians, St Paul says, “we do not belong to the night or to darkness, so we should ... Read More

‘Death and Taxes’

Catholic Voice- 30 August 2021 0

‘Nothing is certain, but death and taxes.’ Yet, taxes have a purpose. Used wisely, they contribute to the up-building of the common good. Death, on ... Read More

Get Real!

Catholic Voice- 29 August 2021 0

The laws detailed by the Deuteronomist are mainly about health and hygiene. All right in themselves, but as with modern practice, we need to stay ... Read More

Never Give Up

Catholic Voice- 27 August 2021 0

Readers may be familiar with an old office cartoon that depicts a frog being swallowed by a stork. The desperate amphibian whose head is already ... Read More