National survey shows Australia’s Catholics are online and multicultural

- 23 May 2024 0

Archbishop Prowse with members of the African Community at this year's Multicultural Mass A new report has shed light on the changing nature of the ... Read More

Census religion question must make sense

- 7 May 2024 1

The Census helps us understand who we are as a nation. We are people of different faiths, cultures and languages each worthy of dignity and ... Read More

Francine and Byron Pirola: Are we outliving marriage?

- 30 April 2024 0

We’ve heard it said many times, you probably have as well, and it goes like this, “People live so much longer these days, it’s unreasonable ... Read More

Death of former Wollongong bishop, Peter Ingham

- 29 April 2024 2

Peter William Ingham, the fourth bishop of Wollongong, has died. Photo : Daniel Hopper Peter William Ingham, the fourth bishop of Wollongong, has died peacefully ... Read More

Archbishop Fisher: Do not fear to worship

- 16 April 2024 0

Archbishop Anthony Fischer OP The stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and Father Isaac Royel is shocking and has caused distress to many in the ... Read More

National code of conduct key to improving integrity

- 8 April 2024 0

A national code of conduct has been released by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for people ministering in Catholic dioceses around Australia. The code of ... Read More

Safeguarding and Codes of Conduct a focus at National Vicar General’s meeting

- 27 February 2024 0

L-R: Fr Shammi Perera (Hobart), Fr Joe Caddy (Melbourne), Fr Richard, Fr Jerry Gleeson (Sydney), Fr Dean Marin (Adelaide) and Fr David Ranson (Broken Bay). ... Read More