Francine and Byron Pirola: Are we outliving marriage?

- 30 April 2024 0

We’ve heard it said many times, you probably have as well, and it goes like this, “People live so much longer these days, it’s unreasonable ... Read More

Reclaiming St Valentine’s Day

- 14 February 2023 0

Saint Valentine kneeling, by David Teniers 1677. IMAGE: Wikimediacommons For two decades we’ve promoted the idea of putting the ‘saint’ back into St Valentine’s Day. ... Read More

The Growth Mindset

- 12 November 2022 0

At our daughter’s recent award assembly, the school Principal addressed the topic of ‘Growth Mindset’. She noted how education was more than merely preparing students ... Read More

We married too young

- 3 June 2021 0

Lots of people told us so. Neither of us had really experienced life: Byron at 27 had at least lived out of home for three ... Read More