Catholic Faith


- 11 July 2019 0

The Jewish people institutionalised rest because God wanted them to. It's not a good idea to institutionalise power and/or money - that's not a bad ... Read More

Twists and Turns

- 11 July 2019 0

St. Benedict (480-547) is one of those “foundational saints.” At a time of moral, civil and cultural collapse, he discerned a rule of religious life ... Read More

Message and Method

- 10 July 2019 0

Luke is the only evangelist to highlight the call of the twelve in Luke 9 and then the call of the seventy-two in Luke 10 Read More

He Gave Them Authority

- 10 July 2019 0

I wonder what the Apostles felt when Jesus summoned them and gave them their mission. He passes to them his authority to bring healing and ... Read More

The Power of Blessing

Catholic Voice- 9 July 2019 0

On Saturday we heard of Jacob’s deceit in stealing from his father Isaac the blessing due to his brother Esau. Once given, the blessing upon ... Read More

Archbishop Fulton Sheen to be beatified 

- 9 July 2019 1

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis has approved the miracle attributed to Archbishop Fulton Sheen making possible the American television catechist's beatification. Read More

The Holy Spirit

- 9 July 2019 0

The Holy Spirit is the gift of God, enabling us to receive all God’s gifts and enabling generations of believers to appreciate the mystery of ... Read More