Catholic Faith

What do you have?

Catholic Voice- 7 April 2021 0

The readings today show Jesus alive and acting in the community of believers. Peter and John say, “I will give you what I have,” and ... Read More

Apostle to the Apostles

Catholic Voice- 6 April 2021 0

The faith, devotion, gratitude, and courage displayed by Mary Magdalene was such a powerful inspiration to the early Christian community that she is mentioned by ... Read More

The Lord’s descent into the underworld

Catholic Voice- 2 April 2021 0

From an ancient homily for Holy Saturday Something strange is happening – there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The ... Read More

Erotic Love

Catholic Voice- 1 April 2021 0

It was before the festival of the Passover, and Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to pass from this world to the ... Read More

Listen like a disciple

Catholic Voice- 31 March 2021 0

When we are baptised, we receive a share in Jesus' office of Priest, King, and Prophet. This means as baptised Christians; we are called to ... Read More

Night had fallen

Catholic Voice- 30 March 2021 0

Can you relate to Isaiah's feelings when he says, 'I have toiled in vain, I have exhausted myself for nothing'? All of us have this ... Read More

Chrism Mass – Live at 5pm

Catholic Voice- 29 March 2021 0

The Chrism Mass is one of the most holy and solemn Masses celebrated all year because, in addition to the priests renewing their promises to ... Read More