Catholic Faith

Write It Down

- 26 November 2022 0

It just takes a few moments. The experts say that if you ‘write it down,’ you will remember it. Advent has begun. The word means ... Read More


- 19 November 2022 1

What’s it going to be like? We know that the phrase Garden of Eden means Garden of Delight. Add the multiplier-effect of the resurrection – ... Read More

The Growth Mindset

- 12 November 2022 0

At our daughter’s recent award assembly, the school Principal addressed the topic of ‘Growth Mindset’. She noted how education was more than merely preparing students ... Read More


- 11 November 2022 2

Michelangelo (1475-1564) was a genius. Born in Florence, he was responsible for perhaps the greatest statue ever crafted – that of King David. Having dinner ... Read More

The Reality of Life After Death – Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon

Catholic Voice- 6 November 2022 0 The first reading and our Gospel for this weekend have a special resonance for our time because they both speak clearly about life after ... Read More

Poor People

- 5 November 2022 0

Fresco, by Fra Angelico, c. 1430s Pity those whose minds are closed, who only ‘see’ physical realities. Poor people: Those who say that there is no ... Read More

Year of walking together – evangelising in a Synodal way

- 31 October 2022 1

Archbishop Prowse with (from left) Fr Joe Tran, Sr Benedetta Bennett and Sr Marie Carson I have already offered you all a report on my ... Read More