100 days at school for St Joey’s Goulburn kinders

Catholic Voice- 16 August 2019 1

Remember when you were young... REALLY young... and days and weeks went on FOREVER? Read More

Giving sorrow words

- 8 August 2019 2

Parents of four Felicity and Paul de Fombelle lost their youngest son Etienne in June. He was five. Felicity shares with the Catholic Voice some ... Read More

Saint Benedict, Abbot on Thursday of week 14 in Ordinary Time

Catholic Voice- 10 July 2019 0

First reading Proverbs 2:1-9 Apply your heart to truth My son, if you take my words to heart, if you set store by my commandments, ... Read More

Edge of your seat tension in St Peter and Paul’s Spelling Bee

Chris Gordon- 2 July 2019 0

Some of the audience for the school's first Spelling Bee. Photo Chris Gordon. It was a hard sell, to convince a room full of primary ... Read More

Fr Andrew celebrates 10 years in the priesthood

- 14 June 2019 3

On Sunday June 9 Fr Andrew Lotton celebrated 10 years in the priesthood. Read More

What are our shepherds up to?

- 30 May 2019 0

The Clergy of the Archdiocese gathered at Galong for the annual Clergy Assembly from Monday May 20 - Thursday 23 May 2019. Read More

EVENT: Recognising Toxic and Healthy Relationship Dynamics in Young People

Catholic Voice- 14 May 2019 0

 More and more technology is becoming a part of our lives and our culture. It has significantly impacted our homes, our classrooms, and the ... Read More