Part Three: “What if the leaves said at the end of the summer: I want to die.”

- 4 August 2021 0

Even if today many are trained for euthanasia, believing it to be a part of patient care, I am convinced that there will always be ... Read More

Part Two: “I had to request euthanasia for people to start taking an interest in me” 

- 3 August 2021 1

In this three part series, the Catholic Voice presents a selection of reminiscences by François Trufin, a hospital emergency nurse in Belgium. Part Two: "I ... Read More

It’s no laughing matter

- 2 August 2021 0

Here we are in country NSW. Masks on wherever we go in public.  One of the first things you notice is that your glasses fog ... Read More

Three part series: Medical professional reflects on ‘deaths corridor’

- 2 August 2021 1

There is a dearth of literature about the societal ramifications of legalising euthanasia. Margaret Somerville, an Australian bioethicist writes that: “The case against euthanasia is ... Read More

How Catholics can approach the topic of euthanasia

Catholic Voice- 29 July 2021 3

The last five years has seen a strong push in the culture for the elderly and sick to be able to end their lives through ... Read More

Philippine weightlifter credits her Olympic success to her faith

- 29 July 2021 0

Winning lift: Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippines wins the gold medal in the women’s 55kg weightlifting class at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Photo: CNS HIDILYN ... Read More

Through God and ancestors, Wendy’s brush does the talking

- 29 July 2021 0

Wendy Rix says it can strike at any time. For this contemporary and Christian indigenous artist, inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime. All she and ... Read More