Canberrans stand in solidarity with Christianity’s modern-day martyrs

- 24 November 2022 0

Joining Christians worldwide commemorating Red Wednesday, St. Christophers Cathedral in Canberra was bathed in red light, witnessing to the thousands of martyrs who have losted ... Read More

Founding MGL Moderator steps down after 36 years

Catholic Voice- 24 November 2022 3

From Left: Fr Stephen Fletcher and Fr Ken Barker The Missionaries of God's Love (MGL) priests and brothers announced the election of Fr Stephen Fletcher, ... Read More

Sunday Mass obligation set to resume

Catholic Voice- 10 November 2022 15

For Catholics in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, Sunday Mass will become obligatory once again after a general dispensation was granted at the beginning ... Read More

Coastal parishes unite in joy-filled celebration

- 8 November 2022 0

Fr Pale Leota’s Samoan/Australian family members, who are now living in Melbourne, were up for a few days to share their culture and faith. From ... Read More

News in Brief

Catholic Voice- 3 November 2022 0

Primary students raise money for mission. St Mary's Primary School Young raised $1137.50 through a Mission Fair this week to support the works of Catholic ... Read More

St Joseph’s O’Connor celebrates start of golden jubilee year

- 29 October 2022 1

Celebrating the beginning of its golden jubilee year and the installation of a beautiful new statue, St Joseph's parish at O'Connor was designed and built ... Read More

How We Really Lost God

- 27 October 2022 4

Mary Eberstadt was in town recently. Australian Catholic University hosted an event at Parliament House, Canberra. Participants were gifted with, ‘How The West Really Lost ... Read More