Petition to Save Calvary Hospital Bruce

To the Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly

We are extremely concerned at the announcement that the ACT Government intends to forcibly acquire Calvary Hospital.

Catholic hospitals have faithfully served the community for 170 years. They treat more than 1.5 million patients yearly, or three patients every minute.

The actions by the ACT government are an abuse of property rights and religious freedom.

We are concerned especially that:

  • the legislation was drafted and tabled without any consultation with Calvary Hospital, management, staff or patients,
  • the proposed timeframe demonstrates a complete unwillingness on the part of the ACT Government to dialogue with its citizens,
  • that the ACT government does not have the competency to run a second hospital, as it is already struggling to provide adequate services at the Canberra Hospital, 
  •  that the government will target other faith, welfare and community groups without consultation.

The signatories to this petition have a variety of religious beliefs and value the work of Calvary Hospital under its current management.

We petition you, Members of the Legislative Assembly, to reject any attempts – legislative or otherwise – by the ACT Government to acquire Calvary Hospital.

Thank you in expectation,

ACT Community

May 2023

Petition - Save Calvary Hospital Bruce


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