Archbishop Prowse ‘stunned and shocked’ by ACT Government’s takeover of Calvary Hospital Bruce


After serving Canberra and the region with distinction for over 44 years, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce has been blindsided by the ACT Government, who announced today that they had begun an acquisition process to take control and ownership of the hospital.

If the proposed legislation is passed at the end of the month, Calvary Hospital Bruce will cease to operate under the governance of the Little Company of Mary.

Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Archbishop Christopher Prowse, expressed his deep concern saying he was “totally stunned and shocked” by the decision, “which came without warning or discussion”.

“We are utterly astounded,” Archbishop Prowse said. “There has been no formal contact with the Archdiocese, nor has any reason been given.

“The lack of transparency of the ACT Government raises several questions and concerns. It is a very sad day when Governments can simply decide to mount a take-over of any enterprise they like without any justification.

“This is certainly a worrying precedent,” said Archbishop Prowse.

It is understood that after several months of dialogue, the Government ceased participating in good faith negotiations with Calvary Hospital and prepared this decision without warning or consultation.

The Archdiocese is meeting with Calvary Health Care to discuss these developments.

ACT Government acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital Bruce

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  • nessa 4 weeks

    Dirty tactics of an Autocracy that uses this tactic in the face of professionals with standards. This govt’s MO in all fields. The announcement about womens’ health did seem like a fabrication / ploy ….I hope they learn something in the midst of good spirited and professional Calvary people. You have our prayers.

  • Gerard 4 weeks

    This government cannot stand to have anyone remind them that the unborn child is already a precious human being created in the image and likeness of God. Calvary Hospital has stood for the affirmation of human life. That won’t do for a government hell-bent on destroying what Christian influence remains in our society, be it respect for life, respect for marriage, or respect for human sexuality as ordained by our Creator.

    • Maree Robinson 4 weeks

      My husband & I totally agree with your comments. Christianity is trying to hold together our crumbling societies.

  • Anne Prendergast 4 weeks

    My biggest concern is for the people who die in Calvery Hospital if the Government takeover goes ahead. There will possibly be no Last Rites, no Mass to attend on Sundays, not to mention the possibility of Catholics being euthanized.

    The Catholic Church must make sure all this does not happen.

  • Nick F 4 weeks

    The entire healthcare system is under strain but autocratic fed and state government staff working in tandem to undermine a multi-generational medical institution like the Calvary Hospital is rather discouraging. It is a sign of desperation to grab existing medical assets and whitewash performance statistics in the public eye. Its akin to a smash and grab operation rather than putting in the hard yards required to actually go and build a better healthcare system and bridge the gap between healthcare services demand and supply. This is evidenced by a lack of discussion and consultation, which warrants a real close look at public sector accountability via a Four Corners type of media scrutiny. We pray that God is kind and merciful and that the good work done at Calvary Hospital is not lost. God Bless you Archbishop Prowse for your forthright summation. Super proud of our church and its leadership!

  • Stephen O’Connor 4 weeks

    It should not be surprising the ACT Government is lacking credibility and honour.

    Their rule of law is “We know what we want and that all that matters”

    Hands Off Calvary Hospital you ‘Wolves in Sheep’s clothes’

  • Beatrice 4 weeks

    Jesus Christ is the Head of His Body and His army who.stand for social justice – NEVER FORGET THIS TRUTH !.

    Look to His intervention into this misinformed Government, who by the words “government” and “legislation”  feel empowered to ignore the due process of consultation and discussion.

    Let us stand in solidarity in prayer and trust –  whether we be foot soldiers or generals in God’s army Amen


  • Professor Ann Daniel 4 weeks

    Calvary Hospital is an outstanding public hospital. I know because my late husband and I have been patients there. And as a prominent Yass doctor my husband recommended that hospital to his patients for many years. Yes, Canberra hospital is also an excellent hospital. But this takeover bid declares that the ACT can only have only one public hospital. Compare such a situation to other major centres: Sydney, Newcastle and all state capital cities. Is there some antagonism towards the religious ethical values upheld by Calvary. The ACT government disgraces itself by this illicit attack.

  • Mrs Janet Courtney 3 weeks

    I was speaking with someone today who has a son in the beaurocracy in Canberra and he says that a widespead media canpaign is necessary, not just in our Catholic Press – it needs to go the the main stream media. It is very obvious the taxpayer funded ABC has not mentioned it at all, so perhaps readers should be sending letters to their papers etc. Jesus, Mary and Joseph Pray for us.

  • Mary Boerebach de Wit 3 weeks

    A dear elderly friend of our family became extremely ill and needed hospitalisation. His wish and that of the family was to be cared for by the Best at Calvary Hospital. He wasn’t a Catholic so the family thought they had no hope of him being cared for by the wonderful staff of that Hospital.
    But of course it made no difference and he was admitted immediately. A week later he passed away a very happy man. The love and care he and his family received was beyond expectation.
    Where else would a dying elderly person receive such treatment? I will never forget the smile on his face on his last day. To take this away now from the many ill and dying would be tragic beyond words. Please leave Calvary Hospital and the wonderful staff alone. They can never be replaced.

  • Vittorio Basso C.S. 3 weeks

    The ACT government disgraces itself by this attack on Calvary Hospital.
    If this is happening we are travalling a dangerous path into the future.

  • Ian Dixon 3 weeks

    I am not a Catholic but you have my full support and we must unite to fight against this attack on our Judeo Christian faith.

  • Thomas Natera 3 weeks

    The ACT government has just proved to me & I’m sure others who are flabbergasted at their willingness to employ autocratic principles & practices that you would see readily applied in other countries with autocratic regimes. The govt led by Andrew Barr is the most incompetent one I’ve ever encountered in the 40 years I’ve in Canberra. Canberra has the status of a small municipal council & yet it wields power as if it’s a state within its own right. It’s spending money on infrastructure projects like the tram & neglecting the most critical need in our community. It’s time to oust this government because it doesn’t the support of people.

  • Mark Whybrow 3 weeks

    Where is God in all this? What is God, Our Father, wanting us to learn through all this? Maybe Our Father is giving us an emotional understanding what land-grabbing and destroying of culture and moral ethos feels like. Maybe that can help us empathize more with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, and maybe Our Father is giving us more of an understanding what they have been up against for a long time, mostly without national and international infrastructures. It makes me feel small before God. So I will just do my little part here below and remember my heavenly citizenship all the more. What a beautiful Kingdom to belong to! So much brighter than the way our earthly one is. Besides, our earthly citizenship is only temporary. What a blessing it is to have permanent heavenly citizenship. Let’s not loose that by responding in the wrong way – merely in our human will and intelligence. Pax.