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  • Pat Dwyer 1 year

    I wouldn’t get too caried away about a Catholic Bishop being at the King’s coronation. The modern day Church of England was founded when Henry V111 decided to break from Rome and declare himself head of his own Church with his subsequent acts breaking the fifth, sixth, seventh and possibly the ninth and tenth commandments. The Church in which the ceremony was held was stolen from the Catholic Church so until the current Monarch apologises for his predecessor’s actions and restores property to its rightful owners thew church headed by the british monarchy should be treated with nothing but distain and suspicion.
    Has the author forgotten about the dissolution of the Monestaries, and all the murder and looting involved in that?
    If you want a real turning point in relations, then pray for a disbanding of the church of England /Anglican church with its members returning to catholicism.

  • Brenden T Walters 1 year

    Why do we need a turning point. The Second Vatican Council already turned us into Anglicans. Shame on you Pat. You ruined the whole thing by introducing some logic derived from history. At least Henry VIII knew Latin.

  • Peter Hanlon 1 year

    Poor Charles looked such a forlorn and vulnerable figure during his coronation. Was he thinking of the bullying he experienced at the hands of his father, or his ancestors Henry VIII, the unfortunate Charles I, or the lacklustre Charles II?

    We really don’t need the Monarchy in Australia, but at face value his message was consistent with the Jesus we know.


    • Heather Robinson 1 year

      Note the republics around the world–their people have to vote for a president. This can cause chaos, rage and confusion which is evident in many republics, even leading to civil war. There is no such thing as a perfect president. There is no such thing as a perfect monarch (although Queen Elizabeth II was close to it)!

      The monarchy, as it is dynastic and not elected, is, in itself, adding to the stability of the country, especially when the monarch is a fine person with good ethics such as our past monarch the Queen Elizabeth II R.I.P.

  • Red 1 year

    Not sure what the Coronation has to do with the Catholic Church and we surely don’t need them in Australia any longer, they are no longer relevant.