Death of Archbishop Francis Patrick Carroll

Archbishop Francis Carroll: 9 September 1930 – 14 March 2024

Archbishop Francis Carroll, who served as Bishop of Wagga Wagga and Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn during almost 70 years of distinguished priestly service has died today in Wagga Wagga at the age of 93.

Born on 9 September 1930 in Ganmain, New South Wales, he was the second of seven children of Patrick and Rose Carroll.

He attended the local Ganmain School before transferring to Sydney and completed his secondary education with the De La Salle Brothers in Marrickville. His seminary studies were conducted at St Columba’s Seminary, Springwood and St Patrick’s Seminary, Manly. He was ordained a priest at Ganmain by Bishop Francis Augustine Henschke, Bishop of Wagga Wagga.

He has always been regarded as profoundly pastoral and humble in his long service to the Church.

Frank Carroll succeeded Bishop Henschke as bishop of Wagga Wagga in 1968

In 1983, he was appointed Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn until 2006.

He was President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference from 2000 to 2006.

In 2006, he retired and returned to Wagga Wagga.

In recent times, Archbishop Carroll has suffered from indifferent health and has been resident at Loreto Home of Compassion in Wagga Wagga.

“Archbishop Francis always retained the personal charm of his rural family background. So many loved him as a Catholic leader of immense stature. Simply called Father Francis by friends and parishioners over the years, he was always approachable. His humble and prayerful manner will be remembered by so many”, said Archbishop Christopher Prowse of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.


Archbishop Francis Carroll: Funeral Liturgies, Pontifical Requiem Mass and Burial details



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  • Alma Corkhill 3 months

    Archbishop Frances Carroll was an outstanding Bishop of the Church leading his flock so well. Met him on many occasions from Cursillos, Religious Education events and confirmations to my own induction into the Eucharist Ministry. RIP Fr. Frances.

  • Joe Catanzariti 3 months

    Archbishop Carroll was an exceptional Bishop with a down to earth manner. I was privileged to have known him during his ministry in Canberra.
    May you now be in the presence of the Lord.🙏

  • Sabina Maria Van Rooy 3 months

    Fr Francis was a truly pastoral leader of his flock especially his love of these in the western deanery of our archdiocese. I had the great privilege of working alongside him for over ten years as Director of CCD (Catholic children in State Schools in NSW and Parish Schools of Religion in ACT) and we often traveled together to Annual CCD Masses in the deaneries.
    May he know rest in the loving hands of his Father.
    RIP Fr Frances.

  • Carolyn Pritchard 3 months

    The warmth of his smile:The kindness in his eyes:The compassion he showed to others and their needs, and the strength of the deep love of Jesus he humbly demonstrated throughtout his life testify now to the most saintly entry of Father Frances into Heaven with Almighty God. Praise you and thank you God for his life.

  • Gordet MAAN 3 months

    Archbishop Francis Carroll was a VERY humble person – one of the nicest clergy to work with. I still remember him saying “Don’t call me Archbishop, call me Father”. RIP Fr Francis.

  • Bruce Tuncks 3 months

    Vale Brother Francis. A priest forever, friend to so many, our Bishop who led from the front.
    Enjoy the reward that God has for all those who love Him.

  • N. Pham 3 months

    I came to Canberra as a refugee in 1983 with limited English.  The following year, I was represented my ethnic ministry attending a conference of Canberra Archdiocese.  Fr Francis came to talk to us so I asked him whether at his speech he could speak slowly that I might understand.  During that conference he spoke at the volume that I almost understood what he said.  Very fond memories of you, Archbishop Carroll, and thank you for your loving and caring to all your people.  RIP Father Francis

  • Rod Baz 3 months

    Can only try to imagine the rejoicing in Heaven on Fr. Francis arrival. 
    Letitia and Rod.

  • Adam Morris 3 months

    I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Fr Francis. Archbishop Carroll was held in deep esteem; to me he was a dear mentor and guide and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with him. A highly respected and faithful pastor, his is greatly missed.

    Adam Morris
    Youth Director, 1999-2007