Practical ecumenism


Friendship is the main ingredient for successful ecumenism, according to Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins.

The newly appointed Honorary Director for the Centre for Ecumenical Studies in Canberra met with his long-standing friend, Archbishop Prowse, to discuss the recent ‘springtime’ in practical ecumenicism occurring in the Archdiocese.

Former president of the National Council of Churches in Australia, Bishop Huggins believes that friendship between church leaders and their communities is fundamental to successful ecumenicism.

Archdiocesan Youth Mission and Culture leader Christian Nobleza echoes this belief.

“As we work with key youth leaders and pastors from various Christian churches, we are discovering that we have more in common than perhaps we initially thought,” Christian said.

Canberra’s Catholic, Anglican and ACT Churches Council leaders gathered last year to pray for Christian unity, initiating a series of Alpha youth sessions in parishes across the Archdiocese. Alpha originated in the UK over 40 years ago and has spread globally across Christian Churches and communities.

Recent gatherings called Sunday Sessions and university-based events are bringing together young adults from Christian churches to learn about their faith, to pray and socialise.

Archbishop Prowse praised the ­initiatives, saying he saw practical ecumenism as a “real priority”.

“Through these ecumenical events we have a new springtime happening in the Archdiocese,” he said.


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