Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s Christmas Message

Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Archbishop Christopher Prowse

In his Christmas message this year, Archbishop Christopher Prowse emphasised that giving love is the greatest gift there is.

“It is certainly true to say at Christmas – `Isn’t it great to be loved!,’ the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn said.

“But it is even greater to say `Isn’t it great to love!.’

“Jesus is always found in the latter. Jesus is forever the guiding and saving light that scatters the darkness of sin.

“If this is what Jesus does, so must we do the same this Christmas.”

Archbishop Christopher drew upon the symbolism of light and darkness at Christmas Time.

“It seems that Jesus was born in the middle of the night. People were sleeping,” Archbishop Christopher said.

“Yet, it was not simply the absence of the sun that caused this midnight. Another type of “darkness” was at play: inhospitality.

“The Holy Family, at least at this crucial moment of salvation history, were homeless due to the absence of hospitality in Bethlehem.”

Reinforcing that the giving of love and the shining of light are not simply an academic or a sentimental exercise, Archbishop Christopher highlighted the practical charity done by groups such as St Vincent de Paul and others in the Canberra community. They help relieve homelessness, hunger and anguish for “the lost, the least and the last,” especially at Christmas Time.

 “Darkness will not have the last word,” he said.

“There is hope. There is light. For Christians that LIGHT IS JESUS, our hope, and glory. This is our Christmas joy!”

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