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  • Cameron 4 years

    Fr Benedict (Barney) Lynch formerly of Holy Trinity in Curtin used to say; “The ear can secure what the rear can endure.” By which he meant that by the time the congregation were shifting around in their seats, their minds were already moving towards the afternoon roast, or the gardening or whatever else.

    His homilies bordered on the brilliant and they very rarely topped ten minutes. 

  • Swift Sue 4 years

    Catholic priests have lost sight of the intention of the sermon. The art of interpreting the gospel & applying it to the current lives of the parishioners has been lost. Invariably the choice of language is sophisticated & not understood by a multicultural congregation.
    Surely all priests should be encouraged to deliver best practice & keep sermons relevant & succinct.

    • Victor Dunn 4 years

      Well said. It seems to me that there is a need in many instances for ‘upskilling’ or ‘inservice’ in terms of how to deliver a homily both in terms of content, timing, interpretation and articulation.