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  • George de With 12 months

    I think it is important that I do not become another burden to our medical system and also protect others from the spread . I will continue to protect myself and others with the best masks available .

  • Suzy Moustakas 12 months

    These are not the same N95 masks that are being sold at Chemist warehouse. The ones sold at CW are the Softmed N95. Not the
    A P2/N95 ones.Fyi

  • Wesley Maloney 12 months

    You can obtain them just as easily as the retail outlets. Put in rolling orders and stop whining about the public not wanting to catch the virus.

  • Tony 12 months

    Why should the public give up what they can get, for people who work for organisations that can’t think. Like the Vic govt all educated with no common sense.

  • ozbloke 12 months

    So the hospitals are complaining they can’t get equipment? Why instead of asking the public which are trying to protect themselves, make a deal with a business to buy these in bulk.

  • Most of these mask sold online to the public are fake anyway