Catholic school parents urged to speak up for the unborn

The Council of Catholic School Parents NSW/ACT (CCSP) is urging all parents, particularly parents of children in Catholic schools, to speak up in opposition to the bill passed in the Lower House of the NSW Parliament last week.

As the bill now moves to the Upper House for further debate, CCSP Chair, Narelle Burke, says that now is the time for all who have experienced the joy of being a parent to speak up to protect innocent unborn children.

“We lament the result delivered by the Legislative Assembly last week and feel betrayed by our Parliament. Not only was this bill sprung upon the people of NSW and passed without appropriate consultation, but it is also both ill-conceived and poorly drafted.

“We commend the 31 State MPs who voted to support life. We now call upon the members of the Legislative Council to do the right thing by ensuring that this bill does not become law.”

“We call upon our elected representatives to defend the most vulnerable and defenceless members of our human family, to be a voice for the voiceless, by doing what is right and voting against this bill,” Mrs Burke said.

CCSP Executive Director, Peter Grace, says that parents and all other people of goodwill who value human life need to let our parliamentarians know that this so-called Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 both de-values human life and infringes upon the fundamental rights of doctors who conscientiously object to abortion.

“I encourage all parents to attend the Rally for Life being held at 6:00 pm on Tuesday 20 August in Martin Place, Macquarie Street, Sydney. We need to make sure our parliamentarians know that any law that gives a green light to abortion on demand up until birth is not good law. As it stands, this bill fails to protect our most vulnerable and defenceless precious little brothers and sisters.”

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“Because all human beings are made in the image and likeness of God, we must vigorously defend the dignity of the human person and the sacredness of life from conception to natural death. In doing so, we stand in solidarity with both the unborn and with all pregnant women and offer them our support. We call upon our legislators and the wider community to extend to pregnant women facing difficult decisions the compassion and practical support they need.

“Let us stand up for truth, goodness, and beauty. This bill is none of those things. We want our elected representatives to do what is decent and right. We have an opportunity to send them this message on Tuesday. Please join us, but if you cannot attend, please pray that our lawmakers will embrace a culture of life by voting against this bill,” Mr Grace said.

Source: Council of Catholic School Parents NSW/ACT (CCSP)


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  • Terry Plenty 5 years

    This is all good but there are very few parents of so-called Catholic students who will get this communication because they have no interest in the Catholic press. The text should be sent via every student to take to their parents. Of course allegations would then be made of the Church interfering in politics. Allegations would be made against the Church of interfering in “freedom of belief”. Many so-called Catholic parents would agree with these allegations because they do not adhere to and do not believe in the authority of the Body of Christ on Earth . They are not Catholics. Almost all so-called Catholics have no knowledge or understanding of the instructions of Jesus and His Church as they pertain to politics and “conscience”. Nevertheless the text should be delivered by order of the Bishops via every student of a “nominally” Catholic school or college. But that will not happen because the “faithful” are not only ignorant but they are also fearful of losing the money.

  • Lara 5 years

    I feel so encouraged by this news item. Thank you to the New South Wales Council of catholic school parents. It is so good to see Catholic organisations coming out in defence of those who have no voice. 
    Lara Kirk – parents of children in catholic schools