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  • Wanda Kaucz 4 years

    Don’t rush it!

    Our Brother in New York, who has tragically lost four friends, and our family in the UK, who have seriously suffered two family victims – still no positive outcome, please not to rush it!

    If we can carefully care for our treasured people, through the guidelines, then we have a chance to keep them alive.

    We are worried about a secondary wave of infection based on “carriers”.
    We believe that Australia is doing the best in the world at control.

    Please don’t rush it!

    It’s a tiny drop in the ocean of the whole of life.
    We can handle this if we are sensible and not selfish.

    Please control for as long as needed


  • Luis 4 years

    The church I normally attend commonly has a congregation of 10 or less at many weekday masses – perhaps apart from Fridays.

    Will Masses during the week now be authorised on a first through the door basis?
    I hope so


  • Sheelah Egan 4 years

    Well said

  • Raymond 4 years

    After the restrictions took effect it was tough without the Mass and Communion that had become part of my daily life, especially during Lent. How sad and disappointing to see the doors of my church locked while merchants could still do their selling across the street. Your internet masses just don’t cut it. I had no choice but to return to the scriptures and the lives of saints. Those long walks in the Canberra foothills taught me how to speak directly to Him. I am learning how to live my faith in the absence of priests. So does this mean that religious services aren’t essential after all? Not quite…yet. Keep up the pressure to reopen the doors. Continue to show leadership or risk losing the flock altogether.

    • Lyz Anderton 4 years

      Don’t be selfish, God is everywhere and we can pray at home, adjust to this time. The Church will loose the flock if we fall ill and die because we didn’t have enough precautions. Do you understand the serious of this pandemic?

  • Martin Sullivan 4 years

    Church comeback plan, Im seeing a wider picture here, maybe for the churches that have over a 100, whoopee !, Luis says  “The church I normally attend commonly has a congregation of 10 or less at many weekday masses – perhaps apart from Fridays.” and many around here, where I am are selling off the empty buildings, formaly Catholic Churches. So im piping my head a little higher and seeing a wider Church Comeback Plan.

    Respectfully priests seem far too busy.  And those Layity  that want to ‘preach’ are ignored of pecked into order maybe for fear of being a loose cannon.

    Is there any room for ‘Jesus the second’, and …  is anyone on ‘watch’ as to where the big  induserially polished ship is heading for.

    Guessing this won’t be published (?)

  • Mary Louis 4 years

    Outdoor Mass is great. Please ease restrictions. Give us the opportunity to receive the Holy Eucharist. We can cut down the choir and singing for the first phase. Just allow us to have our Churches back.