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Dear Friends in Christ,

Evangelisation has been a key theme of my ministry as Archbishop and is the central message of Pope Francis. As he has taught, a Diocesan Pastoral Council is an important instrument of dialogue and collaboration to further our mission of making Jesus known and loved.

The Second Assembly of the Plenary Council takes place in July 2022 and Pope Francis is calling the Church to be Synodal.

Now is the time to create a Working Party to move towards re-establishing a Diocesan Pastoral Council for this era in our Archdiocese.

This Working Party will consider and advise on:

1. Past attempts at a DPC – our legacy

2. The present context and needs

3. Options for a workable DPC

The Working Party will consist of Alison Weekes, Brigid Cooney, Soomin Chung, Fr Tony Percy and Patrick McArdle (Convenor).

They will provide an initial report by August 2022.

The report will be made public and options for a Diocesan Pastoral Council will be the subject of wide consultation throughout the Archdiocese in the fourth quarter of the year.

Deepening our commitment to Evangelisation is the key to the future of our Archdiocese.

Please pray for the Working Party.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn.


Download the Diocesan Pastoral Committee FAQ here

For enquiries regarding the Diocesan Pastoral Council please email workingparty@cg.org.au


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  • Tim McKenna 2 years

    Good to see this happening.

  • Samantha Smith 2 years

    Shouldn’t happen. Church isn’t a democracy. 

  • Selina Stanford 2 years

    This is such a blessing for our Archdiocese and I’m so glad to see this being worked towards.