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  • Paul Burt 4 years

    Sounds like a good idea Lara 


  • Beth Gibson 4 years

    Support for young couples is certainly a positive suggestion. It is a complex area. One of the earliest and best things anyone said to us before we married 40 years ago, was, “I don’t know much about marriage (this was refreshing coming from a priest!) but you are both going to change and change a lot. You need to work out how you are going to manage those changes and look after your relationship’. It was great advice!! Some of us might be happy to support young couples, but do not agree with all the Church ‘rules’ and would not be comfortable to be in a situation where that was expected. A dilemma!

  • Daniel O'Connell 4 years

    Why are the names of the dioceses not included in the graphs provided. It may give some clues on why this is occurring and what can work to improve it.

  • Chris 4 years

    Re the Pope’s take the marriage catechumenate should extend into the first few years of marriage, we have a program in this Archdiocese called Ministry for Newly Married which is a program for those in the first 5 years of marriage.