Over 18 documentary going on the road by popular demand

After a successful launch last year and much popular community response, the Archdiocese Marriage Family Relationships Team is taking the Canadian documentary “Over 18” on the road in 2019.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn is partnering with other community organisations to conduct a public awareness campaign using the documentary as its base.  

The campaign targets parents of primary school children (and older) who can be unaware of the violent and degrading content their children are easily exposed to as soon as they have access to the internet, game platforms and social media.

The forums raise awareness through screening the excellent Canadian documentary “Over 18” and provide tools so that parents can have calm, confident and helpful conversations at home.

After the first screening at St Edmund’s College last year, the team was contacted by several parents who were able to have helpful conversations at home (after they got over the shock of what their children had already been exposed to) and by two community organisations offering support for our project.

This year’s campaign will start with forums in West Wyalong and Lake Cargelligo on Wednesday March 20 and Thursday March 21 respectively. Other regions in the Archdiocese will follow, including Goulburn and the South Coast.

Government schools are also asking for screenings.


Martin Fisk, CEO of Menslink said he highly recommended the documentary.
“This is a must see film for all parents – especially boys and young men – but also young girls and women,” he said.
“Pornography has morphed over the past few decades from static pictures sold primarily to over 18s into instantly accessible, highly aggressive, addictive and damaging online material. Unfortunately much of the target market for online porn is young boys who are learning about sex for the first time. 
“This film discusses in detail the issues surrounding online porn in a factual non-emotive way and helps parents, educators and the broader community understand the impact it is having on young people, their relationships and their mental health.”

OVER 18 is an examination of modern pornography and its effects on kids, teens, parents, and porn stars. In addition to interviews with porn producers, ex-porn stars, and academics, directors Jared and Michelle Brock highlight the story of Joseph, a 13 year-old boy who is recovering from a porn addiction that he fell into when he was nine years old.

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The film compares what porn used to be in the magazine era and what it’s become in the age of the internet, and demonstrates why kids in particular are susceptible to addiction.

Please note, there are no explicit images in the film. However, some of the language and terms may be shocking or unfamiliar. This is the unfortunate reality of what children and youth are being exposed to online.

If you would like to host a documentary screening and parent forum for your community please contact Lara Kirk 0429 192 869 lara.kirk@cg.org.au.

To host a screening you will need to provide a free venue where parents from your community can gather for a two hour session (preferably Thursday evenings)

What we are offering:

  • Centralised booking, advertising and promotions handled by the Archdiocesan Communications team
  • A licenced screening of the excellent Canadian documentary Over 18 (see trailer at https://over18doc.com/)
  • A moderated forum / discussion helping parents to feel less isolated and better equipped to have calm, confident, helpful conversations at home.
  • A take home booklet of resources prepared by Perimeter Guardian


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