Pope Francis invites action on Care for Our Common Home

In his encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis invited all people to take care of our common home on Earth. In a papal video message, the Pope invites us to respond together under the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform.
The Pope says that the Earth suffers from irresponsible use of its resources and a predatory attitude to human mastery. He sees this manifest in an unprecedented ecological crisis in its soils, air, water and the overall ecosystem that humans live in.

Pope Francis explains that our health is not disconnected from the health of our environment, but that everything is interconnected and interdependent. The current pandemic strongly shows this “cry of the Earth” and the “cry of the poor”, of the vulnerable who will suffer most from the impacts.

There is a need for a new ecological approach that transforms our way of living, our relationship with Earth’s resources, and how we look at people. The Pope proposes an integral human ecology – involving not only the environment but also people, the cry of the poor, and society.

He says we have a great responsibility, especially towards future generations. “What kind of world do we want to leave to our children? Our selfishness, indifference, and irresponsible lifestyles are threatening the future of our children! From the hands of God, we have received a garden. We cannot leave a desert to our children.”
The Pope sees an opportunity for a better future. “I am pleased to announce a concrete action project, the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.” The platform comprises a seven-year journey involving communities in different ways so that they can become sustainable.

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The journey is to be guided by the Laudato Si’s goals– responding to the cry of the Earth and the ‘cry of the poor’, taking up ecological spirituality, economics and education, simple lifestyles and community empowerment.
The Pope invites everyone to tackle this journey to create a better future. He particularly mentions families, parishes and dioceses, schools and universities, hospitals, businesses and farms, religious organisations, groups and movements – all working together.

There is hope; we can all cooperate, each with their own culture and experience, with their initiatives and abilities. The Earth returns to its original beauty and creation returns to shine according to God’s plan.


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