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  • Fr Mick 3 years

    Yes, art including the Holy Family very much needed in our world. We need more holy art from our modern times. Look in the filler shops and there is every representation of Budha but none of our Christian heroes.
    Well done all involved.

  • Camille 3 years

    What a beautiful scene and unique image of Joseph and Jesus.

  • Daryl John Burnet 3 years

    God bless Ruth, Daniel, Nathan and all concerned. St Joseph and fathers and trades people are under rated. Where would we be without art, music and houses?

    Jesus learnt a trade. To serve the community through a trade is the salt of the earth. How many Churches, sculptures and paintings over the centuries have come through trades people?

    Being a good mother and hard working father are under estimated. My mother worked hard and constantly taught us to love and serve God. To do an honest days work is more important than explaining how Einsteins Theory of Relativity works.

    God is simple. Love, forgive and trust. Science is ok but we have made it a God. The science of the 10 Commandments, the science of the Sermon on the Mount are easily understood by children.

    God doesnt change. We must humble ourselves, our ways are not Gods ways. “Get behind me satan; abortion, same sex marriage, and other lukewarm philosophies cast the sheep into hell”.

    Doesnt any modern Catholic listen to the real messages from Fatima? Fulton Sheen?

    Saint Faustina and St Pope John Paul warned us. The time of mercy is almost up. Come December the 8th the restrainer will be withdrawn. Only a remnant will remain. Like in the Old Testament and the New. Get with the program please. Science, Church Councils and Politicians will not save you. The Rosary, Mass and Confession are your last and only hope.

    The WARNING is imminent. As mentioned in Schindler Ark/ List, to save one soul is to save the whole world. Christianity is not about feeling good. Its about suffering and offering. To share in Christs Resurrection we must share in His suffering. If your not willing, God help you!

  • Terry Keel 3 years

    What a great depiction of St Joseph and his holy Son! Very realistic and modern – it brings the image to life really.

    I’ve become more and more interested in learning about St Joseph lately. Being a father of 2 grown up boys I reckon I can learn a lot from him, and it makes me feel closer to God.

    Would it be possible to buy a print of the original?

  • Pauline Verrell 3 years

    What a beautiful painting!!!!

  • Luis 3 years

    It is nice to see Joseph and a younger one at that. I should liked to see a scar or two. I doubt he laboured unscathed, although the absence of machine tools may have been a blessing!.

  • Emma Fairfax 3 years

    Congratulations on your beautiful, surely divinely inspired, painting. Everyone concerned using their wonderful God given gifts, talents, patience, perseverance, hours of toil and team work to produce a simple, yet profound, and timeless portrait.
    Father Trenton reminded us today, at online Mass, of words spoken by Mark Twain:
    “The two most important days of your life are the day you came into being, and the day you realise why.”
    Surely this painting in the Year of St Joseph, your hard work and collaboration – such a clever team – helps explain one reason “why” for all of you, especially the amazing artist. And for us? Well we, along with The Holy Family and all who see this it’s beauty and depth, get to celebrate your fabulous painting, all families, and God’s joy when we use our gifts and talents and appreciate our myriad blessings large and small.
    Again so many congratulations, so well done, such a credit to you all, another blessing!

  • Prakash Rebello 3 years

    Congratulations Daniel, Ruth and the entire team. Wonderful talent and thank you for your contribution.

  • Sue Orchison 3 years

    Congratulations Daniel and Ruth on this beautiful image. Truly blessed.

  • Sharon De Valentin 3 years

    Could not be prouder of my talented yet humble son Daniel. What a beautiful rendition of St Joseph you have created. To have your great Nonno’s hand plane in the picture makes it even more special. Surrounded by your beautiful family and friends it is obvious to us, your parents, that you are living God’s plan. Congratulations 💗

    • Cath Ransom 3 years

       He certainly has inherited good creative genes Sharon!    You and Mark have every reason to be proud of this beautiful work.  It is a beautiful piece that we can all enjoy for years to come.  God bless x o x   Cath and Matt

  • Joseph Tran 3 years

    Well done Daniel, keep painting!

  • Paul O'Shea 3 years

    What a wonderful image of a younger Joseph. Congratulations Daniel, Ruth and your team. Will there be cards available anytime soon? I work in a school and we are so starved of positive male saint images that relate to our boys and young men – I’d really like to get the OK to either make cards or buy them.

  • Daniel De Valentin 3 years

    Thank you all for such a positive response!
    Yes, prints will be available soon. Will keep you posted.