The Gift of Our Children

Isabelle – Spirituality and Wellbeing Captain – Year 12

Why is your catholic faith important to you?
It is the foundation of everything in my life. Why I am here? What is my purpose? Is there more to life than this? Why do I suffer? Without my faith I would be lost, not saying I’m perfect. But I know my identity in Christ. I know I am loved and worthy of love and called to love through my faith.

Any ideas on how the voice of young people in the church could be strengthened?
I struggle with this question as personally I feel it’s better education and evangelization of young people that can strengthen their voice in the church. When the media focuses on the flaws of the Church, youth therefore dissociate themselves with the Church entirely.  The way to strengthen the voice of young people, evangelize and educate young people so they want to have a voice and use it.

In your opinion what difference does the involvement of young people make to the church?
The involvement of youth keeps the church young and alive. Its great having wiser members in the church but it we don’t give a voice to the youth; the church will cease to be. The youth are the future and essential for the growth and lasting of the Catholic Church.

What or who has inspired you on your faith journey?
There have been a variety of people and events that have inspired my faith that it would impossible to pinpoint a something or someone. Life and my life and human experience and encounters with Christ have inspired my faith journey to what it is today.

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