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  • Rosanna Burston 3 years

    I can only agree. You are right

  • Babs 3 years

    What a depraved world of televised films where all there is shown is films of sex and murder. No wonder our children in some cases think it’s okay to treat women disrespectfully.Sex is pushed on them at an early age,whats wrong with our television companies who can’t get beyond showing depravity. Children should be taught by parents to respect each other at the very beginning of their lives. Not sex at kindergarten age but love and respect for their siblings and peers. They are children and there are steps in chilhood when they need know things. Teaching love and respect for each other comes first.

  • Ethan 3 years

    Extremely based

  • Gavin O'Brien 3 years

    As a parent myself,although my children are now adults, I am shocked, angered and dismayed by the rubbish being dished up on commercial television as ‘entertainment’.The rating game has gone down to a new low as media companies aim to attract more more viewers in order to entice advertisers to their Channels.The Internet is not much better. The recent ‘antics’ in our Australian Parliament are poor examples to our young men.
    I am not in the least surprised by the increased reporting by women of inappropriate behavior by males. I am angry and ashamed at the poor behavior of a minority of my gender. We men need to stand up and support better behavior by our peers and call poor behavior out!