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  • Geoff Orchison 3 months

    Well said Geoff. Father Francis was a fine example himself of the treasures you refer to. His respect and love for lay people during his time as our archbishop was a joy to see.

  • Sheelah Egan 3 months

    All so very true 

  • BMW 3 months

    Geoff, a wonderful reflection on Father Francis. an insight many of us may not have realised. Can I say you too Geoff would have been a great support to Father Francis

  • Judy 3 months

    Marvellous caring times.  People always at the forefront of decision making.  I hope people in leadership today realise the lagacythe wonderful people spoken of in this article gave to the establishment of revitalised CEO (as it was known in those days).  A wonderful caring leader in Geoff supported by our Fr Francis..I have precious memories of being only a very small cog in the system but still knowing my service was valued