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  • Joseph Quigley 3 years

    Several of my friends, outside the Catholic Church, always spoke highly of Fr Kevin’s open mind & open heart. RIP Father Kevin.

  • Eileen Glass 3 years

    Vale Fr Kevin. I came to know Fr Kevin when I was part of the Team for the 1989 Diocesan Synod and was delighted to see him most recently at the Clergy Retreat at Galong at the end of November last year. His love of life and people and his deep and grounded faith enriched us all. I give thanks for the witness of  his life.

  • Frances 3 years

    Fr Kevin was an inspiration to Catholic education as he was the chair of the Catholic education commission through the financial crisis.   He was both our pastoral leader as vicar and our visionary as chairman of our Commission    Our education system was blessed to have this wonderful man leading us at this time.  May he Rest In Peace.  

  • Moira McAlister 3 years

    Thanks Fr Tony, he will be greatly missed from Moira McAlister

  • Wayne Smith 3 years

    Fr KBC will be sitting at Gods hand and what a balanced advisor he will be!
    Go gently Kev.

  • Claire Percival (McAlister) 3 years

    Thank you Fr Tony,
    Yes, ‘Don’t let your studies get in the way of your education’ was a great saying of his… and if we poked him in the belly, he would say ‘Careful! That cost more than your education!’

    What a great man he was, we will miss him so much. I think he is as happy as he was in that beautiful photo with my grandparents, now they are reunited.

  • Deacon Mick O'Donnell 3 years

    Fond memories of Father Kevin. In 1992 when Archbishop Francis appointed me (and my wife Cora) as Administrator of the Adelong/Batlow parish following the retirement of Mons. George Weisel, a letter from Father Kevin arrived at the Adelong presbytery where we lived, welcoming us to his favorite town, and encouraging us to enjoy the experience and get out and meet the people. To this day, families like the Vanzellas, Roaches, Wilkinsons etc. still come fondly to mind. The next day, similar letters arrived from the late Fathers Geoff Lloyd and Mick O’Brian. Memories of gentlemen priests of another era. RIP Father Kevin. Deacon Mick and Cora O’Donnell

  • Matt Casey 3 years

    Fr Kevin was lovely man and inspirational priest who is now moved to  his eternal reward.

  • Daryl John Burnet 3 years

    Monsignor Fr Kevin Barry Cotter was like Jesus. Truly human and Holy Spirit inspired.

    Fr BC as we called him in 1980 had a good effect upon us young people. His direction had a profound effect on my life and many others.

    He will remember us, how many souls will remember to pray for him and other Holy Souls. St Therese said she would spend Heaven doing good on Earth.

  • Steve Durie 3 years

    As a teenager in the sixties, I was profoundly influenced by Kevin and have remembered him throughout my life for his wisdom, his joy, his humour and knowledge, our many adventures in the mountains around Canberra and most of all for his great generosity of spirit. In my experience Kevin lived a wholeheartedly Christian life and inspired my spiritual being. Vale Pater.

  • Dennis Alexander 3 years

    Great article Tony, from one Cooma old boy to another. What an amazing legacy Kev has left us. 
    Dennis Alexander

  • Elizabeth Austen 3 years

    Sincere sympathy to all Fr. Kevin’s family!  I never had the pleasure of meeting him but felt I knew him – his grandmother Laura and my grandmother Olivette O’Dwyer (Robson) were sisters.  Grandma was a great story teller and letter writer so shared many stories of her family to us “kids” and also showed us photos from time to time.  Although she lived at Tweed Heads most of her married life and was unable to visit her family very often she kept in close contact through her letter writing.  My aunt Sister Mary Rose O’Dwyer OSU knew Fr. Kevin well as she lived in Canberra for many years.  She always spoke very highly of him.  May he rest in peace!

  • Herbie O'Flynn 3 years

    A sad day to say farewell to a good friend.  Shared many good times over the years in many different parishes. I especially remember visiting him in West Wyalong. He cooked lunch as he always did but that day he cooked a “hand of pork”. Truly a great lunch and a talking point with promises of more once he got his vineyard established.  The hand of pork was cooked in his mother’s kitchen pot and cooked the way she always cooked it.  He was always a gentle man, willing to listen and a good friend. Goodbye KBC, rest in peace in God’s hands.