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  • Sheelah Egan 4 years

    Thanks to Deacon Joe for his friendly visits when I was recently in hospital. I appreciated his willingly to engage with us argumentative old woman. Unfortunately a lifelong, if questioning, connection with the church has been disrupted by COVID. It was so good to have a personal connection at last. Thank you Joe

  • Colleen Reed 4 years

    Joe, you are a remarkable wonderful minister to so many. Great work, trust and god bless you always.

  • Denis Strangman 4 years

    The Chaplains do an excellent job. They used to have rooms near the Oncology Ward but then there was a lot of refurbishment. Have they yet been provided with replacement rooms they can call their own?

  • David Swan 4 years

    Deacon Joe does a great job. I spent a month in hospital nearly 3 years ago and looked forward to his regular visits of encouragement and support so vitally important in putting me on the road to recovery.

  • Jenny Brosch 4 years

    Thank you Fr Josh for blessing the new image of Our Lady. A few years ago I had to find my son in the Marion wing at the hospital after a bad accident at the coast. Whilst frantically looking for my Son & not knowing the layout of the hospital, I came across a large image of Mary on the walls. It was a huge relief, I knew then that Mary was taking care everything and intercessing to her Son for me.

  • Margaret Ryan 4 years

    Thank you, Joe, (and Fr Johnny)for your devotion to the vocation you have at the hospital, and which is greatly appreciated by those you visit and the hospital administration. You are exceedingly generous and very compassionate to those you visit, and help bring along reflection time for, and comfort to, the patients. I pray you and the other ministers gain strength and inspiration from the Holy Spirit as you continue in your wonderful role during this challenging COVID-19 time.