Archbishop Christopher visits Trinity Catholic College Goulburn


Trinity School Captains Ella and Jonah gather with Principal Gaye McManus, Fr Alex Osbourne and Archbishop Christopher

Archbishop Christopher Prowse was given a great welcome today when he visited Trinity Catholic College Goulburn.

To inaugurate Trinity’s Year of St Joseph, Archbishop Christopher met with the school community in prayer and to commission and bless the new youth ministry team.

He encouraged students to be like St Joseph, the father of Jesus, who lived in the shadows, never seeking anything for himself, but always ready to serve the will of God.

Like Mary and Joseph looked for Christ and found him in the temple, Archbishop Christopher inspired students and staff to keep searching for Jesus.

Archbishop Christopher enjoyed morning tea with staff and then visited classrooms where he discussed with students about Lake Mungo, Mesopotamia, Aboriginal spirituality and Orthodox Judaism. Fr Alex Osborne and Youth Ministry Leader Gerard Teng joined in the visits.

Archbishop Christopher concluded his pastoral visit by meeting with the youth ministry team and Year 12 leaders. He spent time in prayer with the students, where following his example, they brought their petitions to the foot of the cross, a replica of the one before which St Francis of Assisi prayed.

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