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  • Joseph Quigley 3 years

    Great to see a scholar, particularly a practitioner of Economics, lived a life of such exemplary charity outside the gardens of Academe. And to see Fr Joe Tran as one of the products of her practical Christianity.

  • Andrea 3 years

    Terrific story, what a wonderful woman!

  • Paul Thomas Monagle 3 years

    Audrey was a champion of our faith getting bible into China at great risk and eventually being banned from China. She also was a prolife fighter campaigning against the Lamb McKenzie bill in 1973 which would have legalised abortion to the the day of birth. The bill was defeated 97to 23 at a time when Parliament had many people of strong Christian conviction.

  • Bev. Cains 3 years

    What a great ambassador for Christ! Audrey was one of the founding members of the ACT Right to Life Association in 1972. She maintained her membership throughout her life. Kev and I were so lucky to be able to visit Audrey in Hong Kong. We will remember Audrey as we near the FIFTY years of the Right to Life’s work in the ACT. Her wit, her charm and her absolute daring in her China exploits! May she soar with the Angels!