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  • Kevin Totterdell 3 years

    I’m interested to know what actually happened at the Plenary Council. I presume there will be a report on the matters set for discussion and discernment. Did they reflect a sound knowledge of Church doctrine and tradition, including cultural (mainly as regards sacred music) tradition and liturgy? I feel that the level of Catholic education available to students over recent generations may not always have produced well-informed school leavers.

  • Beth Gibson 3 years

    Thanks Brigid. Sounds like it was an important and valuable experience for you at the Plenary Council! I was particularly struck by your last comment – ‘that all people know they are loved by God and are invited to live that in the community of the Catholic Church’. A lovely reminder that God does not set hoops for us to jump through or thresholds for us to reach before we are ‘acceptable’ . We are loved and welcomed as we are. It is also great to remember that people are ‘invited’ into the Church, not ordered or shamed into joining our community. I hope you find the next months and the final assembly equalling uplifting and encouraging!