Author: Chris Gordon

Latest parish priest appointments for Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese

- 8 October 2020 3

A letter from Archbishop Christopher Prowse advising of parish appointments and other matters. Read More

Denis the Archivist, hidden away like his historical gems

Chris Gordon- 24 October 2019 5

If you set out to find Archdiocesan Archivist Denis Connor, you’d have your work cut out for you. Even if you knew he worked at ... Read More

Spring brings renewal to Bega

Chris Gordon- 21 October 2019 1

Each year Spring brings with it a feeling of renewal, and the Bega Parish has put that into practice with its own Parish renewal. Read More

An assembly of archivists? A herd of historians?

Chris Gordon- 18 October 2019 0

Whatever their collective title might be, the Catholic Diocesan Archivists of Australia gathered at Haydon Hall in Canberra this week for their 17th annual meeting. ... Read More

Clare’s affinity towards science and tennis rewarded

Chris Gordon- 17 October 2019 0

St Clare teacher Mrs. Natalie Hastings and student Clare Rosin A love of tennis and a keen interest in science came together when Clare Rosin ... Read More

Luke recognised for lead role in evangelising to primary school students

Chris Gordon- 15 October 2019 1

Luke Maher with some of the students from St Vincent’s Primary School, Aranda. When Luke Maher attended the Catholic Schools Cultural Festival and Recognition Awards, ... Read More

A life committed to social justice

Chris Gordon- 30 September 2019 5

The Chairman of the Archdiocesan Catholic Social Justice Commission (CSJC), Mike Cassidy, is about to step down, about to pull up stumps, about to retire. ... Read More