Cannot Wait To Become Catholics

- 3 July 2020 2

Archbishop Christopher with (From left) Ella Borgo, Nina Heo, Becky Langworthy, Eliza Ride and Hall O'Meagher A few weeks ago I baptised and confirmed five ... Read More

Holy Trinity, Holy Actions

- 15 June 2020 1

Our teaching on the Most Holy Trinity is central to Christian Life. It is expressed in our Creeds and Teachings in a most comprehensive manner.  ... Read More

The Living Source

- 9 June 2020 0

The great liturgical Solemnities of Pentecost and the Most Holy Trinity draw us into the heart of our shared Christian belief. All Christian prayer begins ... Read More

Pentecost Encouragement

- 29 May 2020 0

The Bishops of Australia met recently and have written a “Word of Encouragement” during this Covid-19 pandemic. The sending down of the Holy Spirit on ... Read More

Three Easter Letters

- 25 May 2020 1

At their recent Plenary, the Bishops of Australia had a full agenda which included the writing of three Easter letters. First, there is the request ... Read More

COVID-19, Health and Work

- 7 May 2020 1

During this pandemic the key words on our lips centre on health and work. In our hearts, at the same time, the key sentiments seem ... Read More

The Anawim

- 4 April 2020 2 Anawim (pronounced ann-a-weem) is a Hebrew word from the Old Testament which describes the “poor ones” who remained faithful to God in times of difficulty. These ... Read More