Latest parish priest appointments for Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese

- 8 October 2020 3

A letter from Archbishop Christopher Prowse advising of parish appointments and other matters. Read More

ACT Election provides an opportunity to reflect

- 30 September 2020 0

The upcoming ACT Election gives us all an opportunity to reflect more deeply on how our governments can help address disadvantage in our Archdiocese. I ... Read More

Four helps in embracing hope

- 16 September 2020 1

The word HOPE seems to come up in all sorts of conversations in the COVID 19 crisis that surrounds us all. It is surely the ... Read More

Tough Love

- 10 September 2020 0

In recent times there have been two virtual on-line gatherings of men and women’s groups. There is nothing better than conferencing face to face. But ... Read More

Coffee closeness in COVID times

- 3 September 2020 0

Aileen was a wonderful committed Catholic. She endured a significant mental illness. However, she kept this to herself. Only a few trusted friends knew that ... Read More

Archbishop Prowse raises deep concerns about Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill

- 21 August 2020 16

Archbishop's Office GPO Box 89 Canberra ACT 2601     Dear Mr Barr, I was grateful with the meeting today with your key staff and ... Read More

Catholics are bridge builders

- 21 August 2020 0

It may surprise you to know that the first time the term CATHOLIC CHURCH was used was by St Ignatius of Antioch in 110 AD.  ... Read More