Christmas 2018 – we beg to differ!

- 4 December 2018 0

Recently I came across a beautiful saying that is so suitable to Christmas.“A lighted candle came into a darkened room and said:“I beg to differ.” Read More

Archbishop’s Homily: Diaconate Ordination of Alex Osborne

- 26 November 2018 0

We welcome Alexander Osborne on his Ordination to the Diaconate.  We particularly welcome his family gathered here tonight.  Read More

Youth – Belong, Believe, Become

- 5 November 2018 1

These past weeks have been very much focussed on our youth – both from local and international levels. Read More

Retirement of Fr Warrick Tonkin

- 19 October 2018 13

Archbishop Christopher Prowse has accepted a request for early retirement from Fr Warrick Tonkin due to ill-health. Read More

Viewing Life from the Wound

- 5 October 2018 0

In recent weeks I listened attentively and for some time to several sex abuse victims/survivors. They are courageous people. Read More

Words of Encouragement

- 25 September 2018 2

Words of Encouragement: At the end of Mass, the priest will say go the Mass has ended. Now that's just not a dismissal. It's actually ... Read More

Rare opportunity for inter-religious dialogue

- 20 September 2018 0

Surely one of the greatest gifts of Australia is our multi-cultural dimension. This has offered Australia immense fruits and has made us in many ways the ... Read More