Bishops lament Virginia Beach killings 

- 5 June 2019 0

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA: After 12 people were killed Friday by a gunman in Virginia, the local bishop offered his prayers for all those affected in the ... Read More

NY abortion law ends protection for pregnant women, Catholic Democrat says 

- 1 February 2019 0

NEW YORK CITY, USA: A prominent Catholic theologian and Democrat has said that new pro-abortion legislation in New York diminishes legal protections for pregnant women ... Read More

Vatican Christmas concert will support refugees in Iraq, Uganda

- 19 December 2018 0

VATICAN CITY: This Christmas it is particularly important to support refugees and migrants, Pope Francis said ahead of the Vatican Christmas Concert fundraiser. Read More

Pope hosts sick children ahead of his 82nd birthday

- 17 December 2018 0

VATICAN CITY: Ahead of his 82nd birthday, Pope Francis held a party and ate birthday cake with children under the care of a Vatican free ... Read More

World celebrates 70 years of human rights… meanwhile in Iran and China…

- 14 December 2018 0

TEHRAN, IRAN: While religious leaders marked the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, both Iran and China detained upwards of 100 Christians. Read More

UK Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian bakery 

- 11 October 2018 1

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has reached a unanimous verdict in favor of the right of a Christian-owned bakery not to create a ... Read More

What a vocation to be a Holy Land Franciscan looks like

- 11 September 2018 0

A religious vocation to serve in the Holy Land is demanding, but there is nothing like walking where Christ walked to strengthen the life of ... Read More