Germany’s nuncio encourages attention and fidelity to Pope Francis 

- 25 September 2019 0

BERLIN, GERMANY: The apostolic nuncio to Germany has written to the country’s bishops, comparing a recent letter from Pope Francis to German Catholics with a ... Read More

The unborn child is a person with the right to an identity, say bishops of Panama 

- 19 September 2019 0

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA: Panamanian bishops expressed their support last week for a bill that allows parents to register their children who were miscarried. Read More

Pope Francis urges bishops to defend common good in Madagascar 

- 11 September 2019 0

ANTANANARIVO, MADAGASCAR: Pope Francis told bishops Saturday that the Catholic Church should participate in public life to promote the common good. Read More

Church leaders in Zimbabwe discuss beatification cause of lay missionary 

- 9 September 2019 0

HARARE, ZIMBABWE: On Thursday the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe began a three-day meeting to consider the cause of canonisation of John Bradburne. Read More

Fort Worth bishop has not endorsed alleged messages from Mary 

- 14 August 2019 0

FORT WORTH, TEXAS: The Bishop of Fort Worth, Texas, has not authenticated alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary that are said to have taken place ... Read More

Iraqi archbishop reflects on Christian community five years after ISIS takeover 

- 8 August 2019 1

ERBIL, IRAQ: Five years on from the conquering of Christian communities in Iraq by the so-called Islamic State, Christians in the country remain at the ... Read More

Fire that destroyed 125 year-old Texas Catholic Church investigated

- 31 July 2019 0

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Federal agents have joined the investigation of a fire that ravaged and destroyed a 125 year-old landmark Catholic Church in central Texas on ... Read More