The principle of subsidiarity and the bushfires

- 7 February 2020 2

The principle of subsidiarity is a key element in the Church’s doctrine on social justice. At its core is the Church’s concern for social justice ... Read More

Reconciliation: everybody’s business

- 14 May 2019 0

Each year NRW runs from this anniversary of the day in 1967 that Australians headed to the polls to decide whether two clauses in our ... Read More

Taxation: the price of civilisation or a form of theft?

- 7 February 2019 1

Popular attitudes to public finance often seem to resemble a cargo cult. We want taxes to be lower, public spending to be increased and budgets ... Read More

Local forum on Human Trafficking

- 9 August 2018 0

At a public forum on Human Trafficking in on July 29, members of the Canberra Catholic Church community came together to address the issues in ... Read More