FAQ: ACT Legislation and the Seal of Confession

Catholic Voice- 11 April 2019 0

The Catholic Voice asks Fr Tony Percy VG “Is the Catholic Church above the law?” Read More

When the going gets tough

- 11 April 2019 4

As I write this, news is coming through on the sentence Cardinal Pell has been given for the abuse of two choirboys shortly after his ... Read More

The Catholic Church in the 21st Century

- 22 March 2019 10

Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, FR TONY PERCY, delivered this year's Bishop Manning lecture in Sydney on March 21. Read More

With eyes wide open

- 14 March 2019 2

Director of the National Centre for Evangelisation and the Catholic Enquiry Centre, SHANE DWYER, reflects on the life of Sister Wendy Beckett. Read More

Truth and justice after the Pell verdict

- 26 February 2019 4

The suppression order in relation to Cardinal George Pell has been lifted. In December, a jury of 12 found him guilty of five offences of ... Read More

Why would you get Married At First Sight?

Chris Gordon- 19 February 2019 6

Catholic Voice Journalist CHRIS GORDON vents his spleen in this opinion piece about Australia's top rating television show, Married At First Sight. Read More

Taxation: the price of civilisation or a form of theft?

- 7 February 2019 1

Popular attitudes to public finance often seem to resemble a cargo cult. We want taxes to be lower, public spending to be increased and budgets ... Read More