Taxation: the price of civilisation or a form of theft?

- 7 February 2019 1

Popular attitudes to public finance often seem to resemble a cargo cult. We want taxes to be lower, public spending to be increased and budgets ... Read More

Listen to what the Spirit is saying

- 5 February 2019 1

Who is the Holy Spirit? The woman who asked me this question recently attended a seminar I gave at which I had touched on this ... Read More


- 28 January 2019 4

As a father of four children, I have noticed the pattern of toys, clothing, and equipment flowing in and out of our house like the ... Read More

The Internet and Satan’s Game

- 23 January 2019 1

By now the entire country has seen a video of a supposedly racist confrontation, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, between a grinning young high ... Read More

Lapsed Catholics are Catholics too

Chris Gordon- 22 January 2019 11

Catholic Voice Journalist CHRIS GORDON pondered the role of less-active Catholics in the Plenary process and offers this opinion piece. Read More

Faith is having a Reason

- 17 January 2019 0

There’s only so much ‘Mums and Dads’ pretend-play I can handle if I’m to be perfectly honest with the world – which is not really ... Read More

Religious freedom and the freedom to teach doctrine

- 16 January 2019 1

When Parliament resumes next month, one outstanding item of business will be Senator Penny Wong's private member's bill dealing with religious schools and their capacity ... Read More