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  • Matt 4 years

    a well written and thought out article Fr Paul. Thanks. And thanks for taking up this wonderful call and doing it well.

  • Jan Baker 4 years

    Excellent reflection Fr Paul. The way you live your priesthood brings healing to many and helps to restore faith in the future of the Church. Blessings

  • Pauline 4 years

    A great article Fr Paul. Deeply felt and openly shared. Thank you God for providing His church with wonderful priests.

  • Heather Robinson 4 years

    Thank you dear Father Paul! The general public need to see a priest wearing his clerical suit and Roman collar again. If everybody had a chance to see a Priest dressed like a Priest again it would do a great deal of good especially in these days when many people need help, or need to SEE a Priest again. Of course there could be a few people who would insult the Priest, but what did Jesus put up with during his last days? God bless you always!

  • Brendan Scarce (Brisbane) 4 years

    Well written Father Paul. A prudent and wise piece that most in our Australian Culture could appreciate and respect. I love Saint Paul so I will quote what he wrote in 1Cor 15:58. “Never give in then, my dear brother(s), never admit defeat; keep on working at the Lord’s work always, knowing that, in the Lord, you cannot be labouring in vain.”

  • Josephine Bresnik-Kaminskas 4 years

    Very well written and thoughtful article. I agree that Priests need to be wearing clerical garb, especially the Roman collar so that people can see that they are still proud to be seen as followers of Christ who loved us so much that He died for us. They need to recognise a cleric especially in times of sadness and torment so that they can see someone to whom they can go and talk, receiving much needed support and comfort, in this way helping them see the Church for what it is, a place of Christian love, support and example of Christ in our community, not a place of sin as it was at times in the past. Thank you Fr. Paul for your dedicated and loving service in God’s vineyard. May you be blessed every day of your Ministry and life.

  • Patricia Mangelsdorf 4 years

    Fr Paul, thank you for being so open in telling this story as it was obviously recounted to you. Your humility in admitting naivety and in being truthful towards the young man, hopefully did much to strengthen this chaps believe in the goodness of so many young men and priests, and those presenting for priesthood. Please God he has achieved some of his dreams. Sadly we always hear of those who offend, so at this stage may the good Lord continue to strengthen the many good, dedicated and committed priest, and may they continue to be a good example to all. Keep strong and focused in passing on the Lord’s message

  • Jasmin - Legion of Mary CBR 4 years

    Thank you for the words of hope, Fr Paul. As you know, sometimes also in the lay apostolate, we come across our brethren who have been hurt by people in the Church, and some of them want nothing to do with us.
    We hope that we can find a way to better serve those who have been abused, so they may know how much we do care about their pain and what they are going through.
    Praying to Our Lady for more good priests in our Archdiocese to help lead us in this work of healing. 

  • Anna Wierzbicka 4 years

    Anna(a parishioner at St Joseph’s)

    Yes, thank God for our good priests. It is a glorious vocation; and we are very very lucky at St Joseph’s O’Connor.

  • Anna Wierzbicka 4 years

    Yes, thank God for our good priests. It is a glorious vocation; and we are very very lucky in St Joseph’s parish, O’Connor.

  • Serena Grassia 4 years

    Thank you Fr Paul Nulley it was a great and interesting piece you have wrote. It really made me think about what is our approach in the church community in supporting those experiencing mental health issues.

  • Fr. Chaminda 4 years

    A well- written article. To promote vocations , Priests must present themselves as priests. Let us be happy with the fact that many people still value and respect the Roman Collar. All the very best in your endeavours to promote more vocations to your diocese.