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  • Beth Gibson 5 years

    Thanks Shane. Ever since hearing about the concept of faith being a ‘journey’, probably a few decades ago now, I have loved the whole idea. For myself, my most profound time of faith education was during my university years when we explored how as a Church we could reach out in love and justice to be with people experiencing all sorts of poverty and disadvantage. My hope for the church in Australia is that we come to put as much effort into supporting adults in their faith journey as we do in educating children.

  • Barry Mahoney 4 years

    I’d very much like to see a resurgence of awareness and,much more significant,a reading and appreciation by Catholics of two books: “Theology and Sanity” and “To Know Christ Jesus” both by Frank Sheed. I have heard it said that they are out of date, but those of that ilk also say the same about genuine Catholicity.

    For those who aren’t prepared to read any of “that old stuff”,but nevertheless would like to get a “modern” understanding of the beauty of holy Mass, they could do no better than to read “The Lamb’s Supper” by Scott Hahn.