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Workshop aims to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities closer to the heart of the Church

Catholic Voice- 11 June 2024 0

The Aboriginal Cross stands before the lectern for the Book of the Gospels during the opening Mass of the First Plenary Council at St. Mary’s ... Read More

Well-being and school success go ‘hand-in-hand’ says SFX College captain

- 11 June 2024 0

Cookie decoration At one end of the room, students are gathered around tables, concentrating intently as they paint cookies in bright colours. A few metres ... Read More

Really? A Mustard Seed?

- 11 June 2024 0

As Jesus taught the crowds by the lake, He began to answer a question on everyone's lips: “This Kingdom you talk about? What is it ... Read More

Year 10 Merici College student ACT winner of prestigious Simpson Prize

- 4 June 2024 2

Year 10 Merici College student Eliza Bell (second from left) joined a commemorative study tour to Singapore as part of the 2024 Simpson Prize. As ... Read More

How close Love has and will come

- 4 June 2024 0

Fr Trenton van Reesch holds up the monstrance during the Eucharistic Procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi draws us to reflect anew. Who is ... Read More

Catalyst podcast creating knowledge networks for Catholic schools

- 28 May 2024 0

Luke Mooney interviewing Jessica Colleu Terradas on a recent podcast episode Inspired by the teaching and learning he saw at his own school during the ... Read More

CYSMI at Merici – more than just a curriculum

- 21 May 2024 0

Merici students give a presentation to conference delegates When Merici College student Zoe Pearson joined the school’s youth ministry program, she got much more than ... Read More