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  • Gavin O'Brien 4 years

    The departure of the Brothers and Priests from “Dara” reflects the times as vocations to the Priesthood , Brothers and Nuns continue to decline and the Schools and Colleges they founded are taken over by lay men and women .I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy (primary) Marist Brothers (secondary) . I taught with the Christian Brothers, Josephites and the MSC during my teaching career . I will always admire their dedication and the sacrifices that they made for their students and the Church community.
    Farewell and enjoy your retirement , you certainly deserve it.

  • Geoffrey Wood & Una Wood 4 years

    We had two boys at Daramalan College in 1970/71, Michael and Stephen. Three of the original priests were Fr Terry Naughton, Fr Frank Anderson and Fr Brian Gagen. They set up our Daramalan Family Group which met once a week for a home Mass, prayer and religious discussion. They were inspiring priests who changed our lives, for which we shall be forever grateful. Fr Anderson was a a most notable writer of hymns, one of the best known, and our favourite, being Eagle’s Wings.

  • Fay Padarin 4 years

    Fr Baker enjoy happy times in Sydney. My daughters attended Daramalan for years 11 and 12 back in the 80s and 90s, and I worked in the college library from about 1988 to 1998. I lived in a the Sacred Heart parish in Randwick in Sydney for many years, the MSCs helped me through difficult times then. I am very thankful for the MSC influence in my life and that of my family. My daughters have become beautiful, caring young women with with friendships that have lasted beyond the years at Daramalan. It is sad to see the MSCs depart from Daramalan, but we all move on to new fields eventually, happy days to you all.

  • Brenden Walters 4 years

    One of Fr Littleton’s lesser know achievements was his facilitating the entry of ‘Gays’ to membership of the msc thus, removing a long-standing barrier to this section of society.

  • Catherine Cleary 4 years

    I am saddened but not surprised at the end of an era of priests at Daramalan. I remember the school being opened; very much with the MSC mission of spreading God’s love through students to the world. Later I had the great experience of having 6 children experiencing the same MSC experience at Chevalier in Bowral.
    There is something very special about the MSC educational experience. I pray it continues after the last priests have retired. Judging by my grandchildren who go to Chevalier, it has continued there.

  • Sabina Van Rooy 4 years

    MSC have made a great contribution to our Archdiocese through the education of thousands of young people. In my own family – Van Rooy my brother and two from the second generation of our family have been educated in the MSC Spirituality with a possible third generation in the coming years.

    MSC’s contribute to make their spirituality alive in our archdiocese through their pastoral work at St John the Apostle Parish -Kippax and St John’s School – Florey. May God continue to bless the MSC in all they do for the people of God here in Australia and across the world.